Darlene Dzendoletas MSW RSW | Therapist Toronto

Video Therapy (AVAILABLE NOW)

Given the abrupt changes to our lives as a result of COVID-19 there has been a need to adapt how traditional psychotherapy is provided through more frequent use of Video Therapy.  Though this may be an adjustment to both therapist and client research demonstrates video therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy sessions. Currently I offer video therapy for individuals and couples.

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Before scheduling an on-line appointment, I will speak with you over the phone to get a sense of what brings you in for therapy, to answer your questions and to determine if video therapy is an appropriate method to use given your situation. There are a few additional things that I want to share with you before planning our first session.  They are:


I am currently testing out a few different programs that provide platforms for on-line therapy. At the moment I am using Vsee (https://vsee.com) and Doxy.me (https://Doxy.me). They are both compliant to Ontario Privacy and Information Legislation (PHIPA and PIPEDA). Before a session I would forward you instructions or an invitation via email. All you need to do is follow the directions to get set up.  I would be available by phone if there are any obstacles.


To participate in a session, you are required to have:

  • a place free from distractions and interruptions that can offer privacy,
  • an internet connection,
  • a laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone.

Couples may choose to be seen together using one device and monitor or have therapy take place with each person logged onto their own separate devices. We can discuss what format would be best for each individual client and situation.


If you are a new client, I need to verify your identity in a different way than if I was to meet you in person. When I use video or tele therapy:

  • I will ask you to forward intake forms and a special consent form before our session and
  • I will ask you to show me valid identification such as a provincial health card or driver’s license. This information may be scanned and forwarded to me or shown via video.
  • I must have your name, address, phone number and emergency contacts before we start our first session.


Participation in Video Therapy comes with the possibility of technological glitches, such as poor internet connections or problems with devices. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US TO HAVE A BACK UP PLAN TO DEAL WITH THESE INTERRUPTIONS. Most of the time the plan involves having access to a cell phone so we can continue the session using teletherapy.


Following each session you will receive an invoice via email. If you can make payment ASAP that would be appreciated.  The preferred method of payment is a bank etransfer. I do not accept debit or credit cards.

If you have questions or would like an appointment please feel free to call  (416)-272-6992 or email me (dzendoletasd@gmail.com).

Meanwhile take good care,